Create your own Ikonic shades with this extensive professional, permanent hair colour range for serious colourists to express their creativity.

Black 1.0

Dark Brown 3.0

Medium Brown 4.0

Light Brown 5.0

Dark Blonde 6.0

Medium Blonde 7.0

Light Blonde 8.0

Very Light Blonde 9.0

Lightest Blonde 10.0

Medium Natural Warm Brown 4NW

Light Natural Warm Brown 5NW

Dark Natural Warm Blonde 6NW

Medium Natural Warm Blonde 7NW

Light Chocolate Brown 5.003

Dark Chocolate Blonde 6.003

Medium Chocolate Blonde 7.003

Light Chocolate Blonde 8.003

Very Light Chocolate Blonde 9.003

Black - Blue 1.1

Medium Natural Ash Brown 4.01

Light Natural Ash Brown 5.01

Dark Natural Ash Blonde 6.01

Medium Natural Ash Blonde 7.01

Light Natural Ash Blonde 8.01

Very Light Natural Ash Blonde 9.01

Light Natural Ash Golden Blonde 8.13

Very Light Natural Ash Golden Blonde 9.13

Light Golden Brown 5.3

Dark Golden Blonde 6.3

Medium Golden Blonde 7.3

Light Golden Blonde 8.3

Very Light Golden Blonde 9.3

Light Copper Brown 5.4

Dark Copper Blonde 6.4

Medium Intense Copper Blonde 7.44

Light Intense Copper Blonde 8.44

Light Copper Golden Brown 5.43

Dark Copper Golden Blonde 6.43

Medium Copper Golden Blonde 7.43

Medium Mahogany Brown 4.5

Light Mahogany Brown 5.5

Dark Intense Mahogany Blonde 6.55

Medium Red Violet Brown 4.62

Light Red Violet Blonde 8.62

Light Intense Red Brown 5.66

Dark Intense Red Blonde 6.66

Medium Intense Red Blonde 7.66

Light Intense Red Blonde 8.66

Light Intense Violet Brown 5.22

Coffee 4

Dark Chocolate 5

Milk Chocolate 6

Extra Lift Natural Blonde 11.0

Extra Lift Ash Blonde 11.1

Extra Lift Golden Blonde 11.3

Extra Lift Beige Blonde 11.13

Natural Platinum Blonde 12.0

Ash Platinum Blonde 12.2

Violet Sandre Platinum Blonde 12.19

Blonde Boost 0.00

Yellow Corrector

Red Corrector

Blue Corrector